Jovanka NikiŠ, Ph.D

Full Professor 


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Jovanka NikiŠ

Personal data

  • B. Sc. University of Novi Sad, 1975

  • M. Sc. University of Belgrade, 1978

  • Ph. D University of Novi Sad, 1984


Mathematical Analysis, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations

Area of research

Differential geometry

Selected Publications

  1. Ovcin, Z. Solution of Uniformly Evaluated Boundary Pressurized Rubber using Adaptive Tension Method, Anal. Inter. Theor. Method. 2(1995), 75-89.

  2. Ovcin, Z., StojanoviŠ, V. Solving Slightly Disturbed Boundary Value Problem in Rail  in Tension, J. Approx. Appl. Sci. 32(1999), 455-463.