Speaker / Predavač

Hugo Torres Vieira

Cloud Computing Competence Centre, Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal

Naslov / Title

A coordination protocol language for power grid operation control

Sažetak / Abstract

Future power distribution grids will comprise a large number of components, each potentially able to carry out operations autonomously. Clearly, in order to ensure safe operation of the grid, individual operations must be coordinated among the different components. Since operation safety is a global property, modelling component coordination typically involves reasoning about systems at a global level. In this talk, we present a language for specifying grid operation control protocols from a global point of view. In our model, operation control is yielded in communications driven by both the grid topology and by state-based information, features captured by novel language principles previously unexplored. We show how the global specifications can be used to automatically generate local controllers of individual components, and that the distributed implementation yielded by such controllers operationally corresponds to the global specification. We showcase our development by modelling a fault management scenario in power grids.

date/vreme: 21/01/2020, 12:00h

venue/mesto: sala za sastanke na 3. spratu u KULI FTN