Speaker / Predavač : Dr. Alexis Saurin

Title / Naslov: A hierarchy for delimited control in call-by-name

Abstract / Abstrakt:

While Parigot introduced in the early nineties the lambda-mu-caclulus which allows, after Griffin s work, for a Curry-Howard correspondence for (minimal) classical logic unveiling strong connections with (non-delimited) control operators, it is only recently that the connections between a slight extension of lambda-mu and delimited control has been noticed. Ghilezan and Herbelin showed in 2008 that Lambda-mu-calculus is a calculus for delimited control in call-by-name. Actually, a retrospective look at my work on separation in Lambda-mu-calculus reveals that the separating contexts are essentially delimited contexts. In this talk, I shall present and discuss the relationships between: * Lambda-mu-calculus and delimited control, as well as the extension to higher levels of the CPS hierarchy * Lambda-calculus and infinitary calculi as well as calculi for streams. The material of this seminar is mainly based on two recent papers, to be presented at FOSSACS 2010 and FLOPS 2010, as well as some ongoing research with Marco Gaboardi.