Speakers / Predavači

Nobuko Yoshida and Alceste Scalas

Imperial College, UK

http://mrg.doc.ic.ac.uk/ (home page)

Title / Naslov:

Lightweight Session Programming in Scala

Abstract / Sažetak:

In this talk, we first outline recent activities in our mobility group in Department of Computing, Imperial College London. Then we talk about the following work on protocols and Scala.

Designing, developing and maintaining concurrent applications is an error-prone and time-consuming task; most difficulties arise because compilers are usually unable to check whether the inputs/outputs performed by a program at runtime will adhere to a given protocol specification. To address this problem, we leverage the native features of the Scala programming language, type system and standard library, to introduce (1) a representation of protocols (session types) as Scala types, and (2) a library, called lchannels, with a convenient API for type-safe protocol-based programming, supporting local and distributed communication.

During the talk, we will briefly illustrate the theoretical basis of our approach (starting from the representation of protocols as session types), provide a quick introduction to Scala, and show a demo of the lchannels library.

date/vreme: March 27, 2017, 15:00

venue/mesto: Sala za sastanke na 3. spratu u KULI FTN