Speakers / Predavači

Nobuko Yoshida and Alceste Scalas

Imperial College, UK

http://mrg.doc.ic.ac.uk/ (home page)

Title / Naslov:

Multiparty session types and their applications

Abstract / Sažetak:

We give a summary of our recent research developments on multiparty session types for verifying distributed and concurrent programs, including our collaborations with industry partners and NSF-funded project (Ocean Observatories Initiatives). The OOI provides an ultra large-scale cyberinfrustracture (OOI CI) for 25-30 years of sustained ocean measurements to study climate variability, ocean circulation and ecosystem dynamics. We shall first talk how Robin Milner, Kohei Honda and Yoshida started collaborations with industry to develop a web service protocol description language called Scribble and discovered the theory of multiparty session types through the collaborations with Red Hat. We then talk about applications of Scribble to the runtime session monitoring framework used in the OOI and Scala verification. We also summarise more recent results and applications using Multiparty Session Types.

March 4, 2016, 14:30

CENTRALNA ZGRADA UNIVERZITETA I sprat, multimedijalna sala