Speaker / Predavač : Mr Vladimir Curic

Title / Naslov: Set distances and their applicability for image registration

Abstract / Abstrakt:

We propose new distance measures between sets of points in Zn. They are based on the contribution of all points from the observed sets. In addition, we define the Complement set distance of a given set distance, as the distance between complements of the sets. A weighted distance, where each point from the set is weighted according to its distance to the complement of the set, is proposed as well. We evaluate the performance of the proposed distances and their applicability for registration of binary images. Comparative analysis of relevant distance measures on a class of synthetic images is performed. An illustration of the applicability of proposed distances on the real task of 2D-3D registration is presented, where 2D histological sections are registered with corresponding 3D synchrotron radiation micro computed tomography mu bone implant volume.