Speaker / Predavač

Luca Padovani, Università di Torino, Italy

Naslov / Title

The Chemical Approach to Typestate-Oriented Programming

Sažetak / Abstract

In object-oriented programs, the interface of an object gives the whole set of methods supported by the object throughout its entire lifetime. However, the correct usage of the object is more precisely explained in terms of its protocol, describing the sequences of method calls that are legal, possibly depending on the object's internal state. Typestate-oriented programming (TSOP for short) is a programming discipline that encourages programmers to develop objects around their protocol and enables the compiler to verify that programs comply with the protocols of the objects they use. In this seminar I'll offer a historical perspective on TSOP and show its connections with the Objective Join Calculus, a computational model inspired by chemistry. I'll then show how these connections enable the natural extension of TSOP to a concurrent setting, whereby objects can be simultaneously accessed and possibly modified by several concurrent threads.

vreme: utorak, 15.11.2016. u 16:00
mesto: sala 305 (Nastavni blok, FTN)