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Chair for Mathematics of the Faculty of Engineering in Novi Sad

Chair for Mathematics is one out of three chairs of the Department of applied fundamental disciplines. Today it has 50 members. Their active and successful scientific and educational work gives notisable results for many years.

Members of the Chair organize and keep the courses in various fields of mathematics at all departments of the Faculty of Engineering. These are obligatory or elective courses, included in bachelor, master, and doctoral study programmes at the Faculty. Equally important are research activities, which are organized and performed through participation in several national and international scientific projects.

Chair has very fruitful collaboration with other departments and chairs at the Faculty of Engineering, with the Faculty of Science in Novi Sad, with the Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, as well as with other mathematical faculties in the country.

Special attention is given to the activities that strengthen international cooperation. Among most important are participation in international scientific projects, exchange of researchers through visits to other research institutions, as well as hosing visiting researchers, organization of conferences and international scientific gatherings, exchange of doctoral students.

The Center for Mathematics and Statistics has been founded within the Chair for Mathematics, with the objective of offering the members a scientific research institution to gather around. Activities of the Center are research-oriented, ranging from scientific projects related activities, via organization of seminars, to organization of specialized courses at graduate and postgraduate levels.

Head of the Chair is Prof. Ksenija Doroslovački

Secretary of the Chair is Biljana Carić, Ph.D.